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First episode of Listener Feedback podcast released!

March 26th, 2012 No comments

A fellow Linux Experiment Guinea Pig and I decided that we would start a new podcast showcasing some of the very best (and possibly worst) royalty free and creative commons music available. We’ve devised a short-format creation, so you don’t get bored, that aims to explore a new artist/album combination with each episode. In the podcast we share our thoughts, praise and criticism of each work and also feature a few songs in order to give you a taste of what to expect on the full album.

Check out the podcast over at where you can listen to the show, download the episode’s featured album, leave us a comment or make a suggestion as to what we should listen to next. I hope you enjoy.

I am currently running a variety of distributions, primarily Linux Mint 18.
Previously I was running KDE 4.3.3 on top of Fedora 11 (for the first experiment) and KDE 4.6.5 on top of Gentoo (for the second experiment).
Feel free to visit me at my personal website here.