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Climate Change

October 11th, 2009 No comments

Here at The Linux Experiment we are all about shaking things up. After all, we have committed to using Linux for four whole months just to see if we could! The next big thing that we are going to introduce into the experiment is a little environmental change. No I don’t mean the Al Gore kind of environment, but rather the desktop environment like GNOME or KDE.

For a week or so, leading up to the recording of our next podcast, each of us will be switching our current desktop environment to something else. The point is to once more branch out of our comfort zones a little bit and see if we don’t end up liking something else better!

Stay tuned!

The Linux Experiment Podcast #1: The Pilot

October 5th, 2009 9 comments

Hosts: Dana H, Dave L, Jake B, Jon F, Phil D & Tyler B

Missing in action: Sasha D

Show length: 1:08:59


The first podcast from the guys at The Linux Experiment. It’s our pilot episode, so please bear with us on the length and the quality. We’re still learning how to use the Tux!

In this episode:

  • What our experiences have been like so far.
  • Dave L and Phil D compare experiences with openSUSE while Dana H and Tyler B contrast experiences with Fedora.
  • What the hell Linux? A segment where we vent some of our frustrations.
  • Shout out to mintCast


“Han Solo” by Superbus found on Free Music Archive here.

Get the show:

Listen here:



October 5th, 2009 No comments

We decided that we should have a mascot for the site and for the experiment so we cooked one up this afternoon that we would like to share with you now! His name is Dr. Theodore L. Engelbart which we think makes him sound important. Truth be told we just wanted a name with initials that matched The Linux Experiment. We did our best…

Yes, he IS a penguin mad scientist dressed in a lab coat.

Yes, he IS a penguin mad scientist dressed in a lab coat

And just for fun we decided to include an ASCII art version, just for you. Click here to view that.

Technical details

  • Created in Linux
  • Created using KolourPaint initially
  • Finished up using GIMP

Ted’s going to be showing up in a few more places moving forward so be sure and keep an eye out for him 😉

New rule added to the experiment

September 30th, 2009 No comments

We took a quick vote and decided to add a new rule to this ongoing experiment. Rule #5 now states:

After committing to a distribution you may not later change to a different one

This now requires us to make the best of our given circumstances, which should result in either a lot more complaints or even more victories. Stay tuned to find out which.

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