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A Bit About Me

I’m what people call an early adopter. I [do my best to] live on the bleeding edge of new hardware, software, music, gaming, and so on and so on. As such, I usually find myself with a set of problems with little to no solutions. Linux however, has been available for a long time and for a while I’d never used it. Well, now I’ve come to set up camp on the bleeding edge of Linux.

My Past Computer Experience

First computer was bought in elementary school. My Dad had a co-worker, who like me now, knew how to get all the latest stuff before you were suppose to have it. As such, I was playing Duke Nukem 3D when most people were still trying to figure out Commander Keen. After that, it became my responsibility to help my Dad every time he had to install a program – not because he was computer illiterate, but because I had just done it more often than him. Soon I began screwing around in HTML, and that cemented my desire to create content with computers. As soon as I took computer programming in Grade 10, I’d already signed in blood.

My Past Experience With Free Software

Ever since I downloaded MSN Messenger, I’ve been tinkering with apps available on the Internet. When I discovered Lifehacker in first year of university, I pretty much exploded due to the sheer number of cool programs available. The only non-free applications I end up using consistently are Microsoft Office, Visual Studio, and of course the Windows operating system.

Why I Agreed To This

I’m a masochist.

What I Hope To Get Out Of It

I consider myself fairly adept at Ubuntu, and since I’ve taken an actual class on Unix, the command line doesn’t scare me. So I guess more experience with Linux. I really don’t care for Linux, but it’s present in my workplace, so experience in it will be beneficial.

What My Current Computer Setup Is

A Dell Inspiron 6400 Laptop running Windows 7 RC

What Distribution Am I Running?


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