Sasha D

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A Bit About Me

I’m a math student finishing up my degree. In my spare time, I enjoy watching hockey, exercising, and obsessing over television series in three-week bursts (current affliction: 30 Rock Glee). I like experiments, and I’ve heard a lot about this “lunix” system, but really I’m entirely clueless about it.

My Past Computer Experience

My family has had a computer continuously since 1994. I’ve taken a few computer science courses, and I currently work as a developer for an insurance company, though I assure you this is equal parts nepotism and rigourous qualification. I believe that using electronics is an exercise in profanity, that Bluetooth is when a Smurf has a toothache, and that Firewire is the result of too much unprotected sex. My name is Sasha, and I’m pretty terrible with computers.

My Past Experience With Free Software

I’ve used Firefox and Thunderbird and largely enjoy them. This is probably because they enable me to use fruity little widgets, which appeal to me for some reason. Look, sometimes I just want to know the weather in seven different cities, regardless of the utility, okay?

Why I Agreed To This

Everybody else was doing it, and I’ve always dreamed of being popular. Sex and drugs never did the trick, so maybe it’s time to give Linux a whirl.

What I Hope To Get Out Of It

Ideally I’ll be able to survive the experiment without ruining my final term or any of my IM-based relationships.

What My Current Computer Setup Is

My current computer is currently being processed (in the same way food gets processed, I imagine) by Purolator. I believe I have the same setup as Tyler. I assume that I’ll install Ubuntu because that’s the only system I’ve ever actually seen in action.

What Distribution Am I Running?

Linux Mint

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