How to Convert WebP to PNG

Similar to the WebM video format, WebP is a new image format being pushed by Google for delivering high quality images with smaller file sizes on the web. While you may never have come across a WebP image in the wild odds are you will eventually. When you finally do you may also need to convert that image to a more… ‘standard’ format. Here is how you can quickly convert a WebP image to the PNG format.

Assuming you’re on a Debian based distribution you’ll need to start by installing the WebP library as follows:

sudo apt install webp

With that out of the way you should have everything you need to easily convert the image. The webp install comes with a utility called dwebp which is a WebP “decoder”. You can use this to convert the image to PNG (or other formats) by using a command similar to this:

dwebp toConvert.webp -o toSave.png

Nice and easy!


  1. Works well. To the guy “Kato cato” above, I bet you forgot the “-o” part of the command. I know that since that’s actually what I did first-time-round also and got the same message.

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