Red Hat 7.4 – VirtualBox Guest Additions issues

With the latest Red Hat release I experienced an issue with increasing the screen resolution above 1027×768. After checking out the VirtualBox forums, I found my answer and a solution to the issue.

We don’t intend to ship a driver for 1.19 because systems with such a new X server should be able to load the vboxvideo kernel module. Unfortunately RHEL 7 mixes an old kernel (3.10) with a recent X server (1.19). Fortunately RedHat backported relevant DRM code from recent Linux to their custom 3.10.x kernel and we could make the vboxvideo kernel driver work with the RHEL 7.3 and RHEL 7.4 kernels. Source: VirtualBox forums.

As suggested, installing the most recent guest additions (5.1.27 r117460) solved the issue I was experiencing. The following steps were used to mount and install the guest additions:

cd ~
wget -q
sudo mkdir /mnt/vboxguest
sudo mount -o loop ~/VBoxGuestAdditions_5.1.27-117460.iso /mnt/vboxguest
sudo /mnt/vboxguest/ 
sudo umount /mnt/vboxguest
sudo rmdir /mnt/vboxguest

You’ll find the VirtualBox test builds at this address.

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This post, re-published here with permission, was originally published on Roger’s site here.

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