A Different Path

  • Go outside the repository to install software

A Woman’s Touch

  • Convince someone from the fairer sex to install Linux

Be Like Common People

  • Successfully use social media, an iPod, and traditional media on your machine (note: this involves getting Flash to cooperate)


  • Compile a program from source


  • File a bug report

Giving Back

  • Contribute to a project in some way

Its In The Mail

  • Make a post

Keepin’ It In The Family

  • Convince a family member to install Linux

Kernel Kompiler

  • Compile your own kernel

Like A Boss

  • Write a post that generates over 1,000 hits in a single day


  • Solve a problem with the help of IRC

Ogg… Vorbis?

  • Listen to only ogg-vorbis music for a week


  • Run a virtual machine to accomplish something

Pink Floyd

  • Fix a bricked machine


  • Make a post at least once a week for the entire experiment


  • Respond to a request either online or on the experiment with “why would you want to do that?” or “just learn Python”

Script Kiddie

  • Wrote and posted a -useful- bash script

Shares Well With Others

  • Setup sharing with another operating system

The Ballmer Peak

  • Resort to drinking while overcoming a problem

The Corporate Shill

  • Install something proprietary

The Grass Is Always Greener

  • Change desktop environments (to something you’ve never used before)

The Saint

  • Go the entire experiment and post at least 2,000 words without cursing about Linux

The Sound Of Freedom

  • Listen to an entirely free (copyleft) album

The Stallman

  • Use lynx and pine for a week

We Are The 82.58%

  • Successfully install and run a Windows only application


  1. Excellent page!

    Gimme medals! (in the voice of Muttley) Gimme!

    I’ve yet to notice 1000 hits/day on any post I’ve made, but it might have happened. Not that bothered, really. Oh – wait – p’raps this comment will crack it? 😉

    The giveaway is that I first posted a useful bash script on a BBS in the 1980s. It was a setup/teardown script for uucp, iirc….

    Never done the RTFM thing, and don’t plan to. And yes, I worked on a helpdesk for years…

    I’ve never felt the need to curse about Unix or Linux – the answer is always in there somewhere, plus… just a little more of Ballmer’s booze and it’s either fixed, or I could care less…

    MS products are different matter, starting with tape edition MS EDTASM on our Trash-80 clone. Pigging thing ate _all_ of my RAM! All 8MB! No room for Code! Useless, mutter, alllthatmoney, mutter, curse, koff, money, mutter, mymoneygone….

    Solved with a stick of RAM chips from work and some crafty leg-lifted piggybacking to get the addresses fully decoded.

    What with the extra switches glued to the top to enable the extra keycodes it resembled the computer of Borg in more ways than one. Can’t believe I did offline DSP on sound samples with a Z80…

    So, do I get a medal? Ben

  2. The Humanist: Install LInux/GNU or $BSD to a computer and give it to someone who can’t afford one.
    The Educator: Provide an institution with a computer to help defray costs to students.
    The initiator: start a group in your community to educate people on Linux/UNIX and how to help one’s self.

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