Write for The Linux Experiment

Are you a Linux user? Thinking about trying your own Linux experiment? Have you ever come across something broken or annoying and figured out a solution? Or maybe you just came up with a really neat way of doing something to make your life easier? Well if you have ever done any of those and can write a decent sentence or two we’d be glad to showcase your content here. We’re looking to make The Linux Experiment more of a collaborative community effort, reflective of the Linux operating system and the great software that is written for it!

How does it work?

It can work in a couple of different ways. If you already have a website or blog and have an article there that you would like us to showcase here as well simply let us know where to find the original content and we will re-post it here with an attribution link. That way readers can find their way back to the source as well!

Or if you don’t already have a place to write your own content just let us know and we’ll arrange a way for you to post it here directly.

Please note that beyond attribution we are unable to offer any compensation for your contributions.

Let’s get started!

Just fill out the form below to submit your post. All posts are reviewed before being displayed on the website. Please ensure that you own all of the content you are submitting and that you have permission to allow us to display it here. Note that while we ask for your e-mail so we can stay in touch, it will not be displayed publically unless you specifically ask us to.

Thank you for contribution to the Linux community!

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