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Big distributions, little RAM 5

September 14, 2012 Tyler B 3

Once again I’ve compiled some charts to show what the major, full desktop distributions look like while running on limited hardware. Just like before I’ve decided to […]

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Well, Here Goes Nothing

December 14, 2010 Jon F 0

During a routine update of my Fedora 13 system, I received the following notification: You’ll notice, upon careful inspection, that the update utility would like […]

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Kubuntu 9.10 (Part I)

January 4, 2010 Tyler B 2

After giving up on installing openSUSE 11.2 (the installer insisted on failing during the partition stage) I am now successfully dual booting Windows 7 and […]

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Phoenix Rising

December 12, 2009 Dana H 4

As we prepare to bring The Linux Experiment to a close over the coming weeks, I find that this has been a time of (mostly […]

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Distribution Upgrades

November 1, 2009 Tyler B 0

As with the release of Karmic Koala, the majority of the other distributions we here at The Linux Experiment have decided to run will also […]

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The road to GNOME

October 12, 2009 Tyler B 4

As you know we are all going to be transitioning from our current desktop environment (DEs) to something new. I did a bit of quick […]