The KDE Experiment

January 22, 2022 Nick 0

Our friend Nick has put together this cool playlist of his experiences trying out KDE and its applications. Definitely worth a watch! Check out what […]

Switching away from Google

June 29, 2019 Nick 0

Check out what else Nick is doing over on his YouTube channel These videos, re-posted here with permission, was originally published on Nick’s YouTube […]

No Picture

CoreGTK 3.22.0 Released!

November 5, 2017 Tyler B 0

The next version of CoreGTK, version 3.22.0, has been tagged for release! This is the first version of CoreGTK to support GTK+ 3.22. Highlights for […]

Backup a MySQL Database

October 16, 2017 Luke R 0

If you have a MySQL database working behind the scenes on your web site or app then creating and storing backup’s of that database can […]