Downtime due to Apache AH00060

To start the weekend off with a bang my Apache webserver failed to revive after the log rotation service had issued a restart. I’m hosting this website on a Raspberry Pi 3 so my first concern is always memory card corruption and data loss. Thankfully those fears turned out to be unfounded, but what actually went down?
From the httpd error_log:

AH00494: SIGHUP received.  Attempting to restart
AH00060: seg fault or similar nasty error detected in the parent process
# After a forced restart of httpd
AH00098: pid file /var/run/ overwritten -- Unclean shutdown of previous Apache run?

As previously mentioned, the issue occurred as logrotate was issuing a restart. With Slackware Linux, the default logrotate configuration for the httpd server consists of the following statements:

# /etc/logrotate.d/httpd 
/var/log/httpd/*_log {
    /etc/rc.d/rc.httpd restart

The “restart” argument from the “postrotate” section will simply invoke the apachectl (Apache HTTP Server Control Interface) script which in turn verifies the configuration and restarts the Apache httpd daemon:

# /etc/rc.d/rc.httpd
case "$1" in
    /usr/sbin/apachectl -k restart

Usually this works as expected but once in a blue moon it doesn’t. I gave it a go but I could not identify the issue with my current httpd log level. I don’t really need more “noise” in my logs, so I’ll leave it at that for now.

I might consider changing the httpd logrotate configuration from passing “restart” to “force-restart” as it seems the developers are already familiar with the apachectl (Slackware?) issue:

# /etc/rc.d/rc.httpd
case "$1" in
    # Sometimes restarting through apachectl doesn't do the trick.
    /usr/sbin/apachectl -k stop
    killall httpd
    # Remove both old and new .pid locations:
    rm -f /var/run/ /var/run/httpd/
    /usr/sbin/apachectl -k start

For the record, this was the first time I experienced this error after 900 days of running Slackware ARM.

Roger hosts his website off of a Raspberry Pi!

This post, re-published here with permission, was originally published on Roger’s site here.

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