Installing glib-1.2.10 in LFS to get XMMS working

So I wanted to install XMMS in Linux From Scratch, as it’s one of the more reliable MP3 players and one of the first multimedia Linux apps I’ve used. It’s very reminiscent of Winamp 2:

If you would also like to get it installed, you’ll need the source and glib-1.2.10. Then, check out a common problem when installing glib, and a patch to fix the ./configure step.

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  1. hi,
    sorry to say that, but the link to glib-1.2.10 is not working anymore. indeed, you’ll find the library elsewhere, but very likely, you’ll just move one step and end with some other dependency problem. xmms2 is not working either. i gave it up and installed gxmms2 and i’m not happy about it (ubuntu oneiric). all these music libraries and playlists, when all i look for is a simple audio player.
    best of luck of you all!

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