Linux Mint 19… I’m here

Some months ago I made a quick post talking about my plan to finally upgrade my old desktop PC running Linux Mint 18 to the new and shiny Linux Mint 19. I fully intended on quickly following that up with a short review, my thoughts and comments I had about the new OS but as you can probably deduce from the post timeline that never happened.

Well I’m here today to say that I did make the switch a while back, it went very smoothly and honestly I didn’t have much to write about. Sure the new version of Mint comes with the latest packages and software and it does feel nicer but once you’re past all of that it’s just the same, nice, stable Linux Mint I’ve enjoyed working on for years. And that’s a great thing!

So there you have it! My review in a nutshell: Linux Mint 19 > Linux Mint 18 šŸ™‚

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