Thank you to all of the contributors this year!

As you may know we here at The Linux Experiment want to move things toward more of a community driven experience, where anyone can contribute their valuable posts to be featured on the site! This year has been excellent with the addition of some new contributors as well as some returning ones. I just wanted to take a moment and thank everyone who wrote a post for The Linux Experiment this year!

As always if you are interested in having a post featured on The Linux Experiment website just head over to our page here for the details!

Brad H

Brad is a tech blogger fascinated by technology, gadgets, latest developments the geek culture. Much as he loves writing about technological innovations and IoT, when he’s not, he can found playing games on his Xbox or hanging out with his beloved pets.

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Greg W

Greg’s goal is to understand how linux works and to “learn by doing”.

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Jake B

One of the original Linux Experiment participants!

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Jon F

One of the original Linux Experiment participants!

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Jon R

Jon is a Software Developer since 2008, fitness and open source enthusiast, Arch Linux and Debian user.

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Luke R

Luke has an RHCSA for Red Hat Enterpirse Linux 7 and currently works as a Linux Systems Adminstrator in Ohio.

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Nathanael Y

Nathanael is a new contributor to The Linux Experiment!

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Roger C

Roger hosts his website off of a Raspberry Pi!

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Thomas M

Thomas Milva is 28 and has been in an Information Security Analyst for over four years. He loves his job, but he also loves spending his time in nature, because he’s working from home, which sometimes means not getting enough fresh air. He also regularly writes for, where he often comments on the latest web trends in his articles. Thomas currently lives in Baton Rouge with his dog, two fish and his girlfriend.

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Tyler B

One of the original Linux Experiment participants!

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