The Linux Experiment Podcast #1: The Pilot

Hosts: Dana H, Dave L, Jake B, Jon F, Phil D & Tyler B

Missing in action: Sasha D

Show length: 1:08:59


The first podcast from the guys at The Linux Experiment. It’s our pilot episode, so please bear with us on the length and the quality. We’re still learning how to use the Tux!

In this episode:

  • What our experiences have been like so far.
  • Dave L and Phil D compare experiences with openSUSE while Dana H and Tyler B contrast experiences with Fedora.
  • What the hell Linux? A segment where we vent some of our frustrations.
  • Shout out to mintCast


“Han Solo” by Superbus found on Free Music Archive here.

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  1. Hi! Glad to hear a new Linux show is on the air. However, I have a few tips.

    First of all, I know that OS flavor is a personal choice, but it sounds like the majority of you are running Fedora or OpenSUSE, with only two people using other distros (Gentoo and Debian). While these are all great systems, the current leader in the Linux race is Ubuntu, and it’d be a good idea for at least one of you to really get to know Ubuntu’s ins and outs, so that your listeners can relate more.

    Also, please learn how to pronounce Ubuntu. It’s not “you bun too,” it’s “ooo boon too.” The word is African, and the ‘U’ doesn’t change its sound. In English we have a number of sounds that the letter ‘u’ can make, but in the African word “ubuntu” each ‘u’ has the same sound.

    Anywho… Great to hear you, hope you keep up the good work, and I look forward to hearing more of your show!

  2. Hi Steffen, thanks for your interest. I’m running Linux Mint, which is based on Ubuntu. Unfortunately, school commitments forced me to sit out the podcast.

  3. Hi Steffan,

    The reason I used openSUSE was because of the rules. I’ve been using Linux for a long time, so I’ve used a lot of distributions. Part of the experiment was to use a distribution that we have not used before.

    Most of us have experience with Ubuntu.

    Additionally, Jon is using Debian, which is very close to Ubuntu in how it operates.

    Personally, my favourite distro is Gentoo. As soon as the experiment is over, I will be returning to Gentoo.

  4. Hey Steffen,
    Thanks for the tips. As Dave noted, according to the rules, Sasha and I are the only people who would have been able to run Ubuntu.
    When choosing my distribution, I purposely shied away from Ubuntu, as I regard it to be the ‘Windows’ of the Linux world. It’s user friendly and well supported, and I wanted a challenge. I would consider myself a power user on Windows, so I wanted to get a taste for digging into config files and slogging through forums posts to fix my problems.
    Now that I’ve had plenty of that experience, I am reconsidering my decision 😉 Actually, I really enjoy Debian, and will likely keep it on my laptop after the experiment, although if I decide to go to Linux full time, I’ll probably put Ubuntu on my home PC.

  5. Ahh! I understand now. Might I suggest varying up the distros, then? If the rules say “pick a distro you’re not used to,” and everyone’s used to Ubuntu, then there’s a million options!

    – Gentoo
    – Slackware
    – Yellow Dog
    – Mandriva
    – Red Hat/Fedora
    – SuSE
    – PCLinuxOS
    – Debian
    – CentOS
    – FreeSpire
    – Sabayon

    I mean, a glance at the “Distribution Links” list to the right shows a massive list to choose from!

    Maybe another rule should be “Try a distro that nobody else on the show is using.”

    Oh! Maybe throw in a little experimentation with some of the BSDs too?

    Anywho, great show, keep it up!

    Ah, and my name is spelled with an ‘e’ not an ‘a’… 😉

  6. While I know there is quite a bit of content on this site already, it might interest you to go back to the very beginning and follow it along to see how we got from there to here. I think each of us has gone through our own little process in choosing which distribution to use and have highlighted the reasons for doing so along the way.

    I know for myself it came down to a toss up between Linux Mint, Mandriva and finally, my actual choice, Fedora!

    In any event, thanks again for the interest Steffen – we’ll try to not disappoint.

  7. Hi guys,

    I am very pleased to read and hear that there is such an excellent experiment being undertaken by a group of my fellow Canadians. I feel so proud! Keep it going, keep podcasting, and keep the faith.

    Larry Bushey
    Going Linux Podcast

  8. Steffen,

    Thanks for the thoughts. I have another server-type machine that I’m debating installing Linux on, since my experience with Gentoo has actually been pretty awesome. It might be interesting to try Slackware or FreeSpire on this second box.

  9. That brings up my thoughts about installing Ubuntu or some variant thereof on my PC. It’s currently running Windows Vista, but needs a reinstall, and I’m considering putting Linux on it, since my experience with Debian has been pretty good so far.

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