The Linux Experiment Podcast #3: The End of the Experiment

Hosts: Dana H, Dave L, Jake B, Jon F, Sasha D & Tyler B

Missing in action: Phil D

Show length: 0:54:52


The third (and final?) podcast from the guys at The Linux Experiment. In this episode we reflect upon the last four months of constant Linux use and discuss the future of The Linux Experiment.

In this episode:

  • A reflection on our own personal experiences with Linux.
  • Would we recommend Linux? Is Linux ready for the desktop? Are we sticking with Linux?
  • The future of The Linux Experiment.
  • Bonus material.


“Handicapped Lover by Vicnet found on Free Music Archive here.

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  1. For anyone missing Gnome Do in windows, look into the open source application called Launchy. I actually found Gnome Do in the summer because I was looking for an alternative to Launchy on Linux. Launchy doesn’t have that instant “everything shows up here” feature that Gnome Do does, but it does a good job of indexing your applications, and folders can be indexed so that your documents will show up in searches too. Similarily on Mac, there’s the app Quicksilver [available here] which is the on par with Gnome Do, but lacks an alternative to the Pidgin plugin for Adium. I don’t know if Quicksilver has iChat support either.

    As for why I use Gnome Do on KDE, its because I like the software. Sure I could use that KDE search or achieve dock functionality through widgets, but I LIKE the way Gnome Do works. You can tell Jon’s been in the Linux community too long, because he’s starting to tell me the way I’m doing things is wrong as opposed to helping me make it work ;).

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