The Linux Experiment Year in Review 2018

Interested in what the most popular posts on The Linux Experiment in 2018 were? Which countries browse the site the most? Which month was the most busy? We’ve got you covered!

Most Popular Pages

  1. Turn your computer into your own Chromecast
  2. Fix PulseAudio loopback delay
  3. PulseAudio: Monitoring your Line-In Interface
  4. Fixing GRUB installation error in Linux Mint 19
  5. Linux DNS and DHCP Server
  6. How to play Red Alert 2 on Linux
  7. Set up KeePass Auto-Type on Linux
  8. Create a virtual hard drive volume within a file in Linux
  9. Home Page
  10. Enabling remote desktop sharing (VNC) on Linux Mint 19

Countries With The Most Visitors

  1. United States
  2. Germany
  3. United Kingdom
  4. Canada
  5. India
  6. Brazil
  7. France
  8. Russia
  9. China
  10. Italy

Most Busy Month

The most busy month at the site here was November accounting for 11.3% of the traffic for the year.

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  1. Interesting review! 🙂 Just a little disappointed not to reach the top ten in the “Countries with the most visitors” rank (Argentina always “in stealth mode”, yeah! xD ) Cheers!

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