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A distro hopping experiment

September 12th, 2015 Leave a comment Go to comments

Over the last little while I’ve become quite comfortable using a single distribution, Linux Mint, for my day-to-day needs. While this has obviously allowed the operating system to, in a sense, disappear into the background and let me do “real” work it has had the side effect that I haven’t been as exposed to the interesting changes happening elsewhere on the Linux landscape.

That’s why I’ve decided to run my own mini experiment of sorts where I leave the comfort of Linux Mint and start off on a journey of hopping between different distributions again. I don’t exactly know how long I’ll be staying on each distribution but the goal is to stay for around two weeks or so in order to get a good feel for that distribution. Heck I may even throw in the occasional BSD or other alternative operating system here and there as well just to mix things up. I also plan on trying to stick with the majority of the defaults (settings, programs, etc.) that ship with the distribution so that I get the intended experience.

So join me as I jump around and if you have any suggestions for distributions to try let me know!