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Experiment 2.0

October 30, 2011 Tyler B 0

As Jake pointed out in the previous post we have once again decided to run The Linux Experiment. This iteration will once again following the […]

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Happy turkey day!

October 12, 2009 Dana H 0

I’d just like to wish a happy, safe, and food-filled Thanksgiving to all of our Canadian readers out there.  Enjoy yourselves – go forth and […]

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Climate Change

October 11, 2009 Tyler B 1

Here at The Linux Experiment we are all about shaking things up. After all, we have committed to using Linux for four whole months just […]

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October 5, 2009 Tyler B 0

We decided that we should have a mascot for the site and for the experiment so we cooked one up this afternoon that we would […]

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Happy birthday to us!

September 29, 2009 Dana H 1

On top of Tyler’s self-congratulatory post, I’d like to commemorate that it’s been two months since our very first post here on The Linux Experiment, […]

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Back and ready to go!

August 31, 2009 Dana H 0

I just got back from vacation last night, in time for tomorrow’s experiment start date.  I’ve all ready backed up my laptop in preparation (running […]

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Vacation a-hoy!

August 23, 2009 Dana H 0

Hi, all.  Just a fair heads up that I’ll be relatively incommunicado as I head out on vacation until August 30th.  I hope that everyone […]

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Technical difficulties

August 17, 2009 Dana H 0

First off, congratulations to Tyler B. for finally picking a distribution.  Nobody else has been as careful and diligent with this (nor documented their process […]